#IndieEdTech Keynote Reflections

I spent the past weekend at Davidson College at the IndieEdTech Data Jam hosted by the Digital Learning Research and Design (DLRD) initiative at their center for teaching and learning. After doing research in the Office of the CIO at BYU, a fellow graduate student and I were invited to be student representatives of our institution as we discussed indie ed-tech and worked through what a personal API can do for college students. This is part of a series of posts that reflect upon the gathering.


Audrey Watters gave an insightful keynote entitled: ‘I Love My Label’: Resisting the Pre-Packaged Sound (Student) in Ed-Tech. I would highly recommend reading her talk. It was refreshing, insightful, and Audrey is eloquent to a degree few of us can only dream. I had a few takeaways from her address that really resonated with me, and not just because Wilco is my everything.