#IndieEdTech Personal APIs & The Current State of Ed-Tech

This is part of a series of posts that reflect upon the Indie Ed-Tech Data Jam gathering.

After the keynote from Audrey, we got to hear from the equally compelling Kin Lane (API Evangelist). Kin’s site was one of the first I went to when I wanted to learn more about APIs, and he did not disappoint. Even better: hearing him lay it all out in person. Kin’s site has the most comprehensive and cohesive documentations I have ever seen and I would highly recommend taking a look and imaging what APIs can do for you whether you are an educator or have influence and interest in different spheres. If you are new to APIs, Kin has a great page entitled API 101.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 7.49.21 PM.png

Fresh Starts & Digital Identities

Here I find myself on a new blog, in a new space, and with a new digital identity. As a graduate student in an educational technology program, not having an online portfolio and presence would be outrageous. In fact, I’m going to get graded on this site for an introductory class to the program. Although I am no stranger to the digital sphere, or whatever [insert number here].0 we’re adding to the end of the word web to describe how connected we all are to each other and the internet, I am a stranger to the academic sphere of the web. Prior to creating this site, my digital identity has undergone ebbs and flows of personal, student, teacher, private, public and in between. I felt like my digital identity was fragmented in so many ways and like I was one person in this space and another in a separate space. Although there is nothing wrong with this, it felt like everywhere you looked there was a different version of ‘me’ on the internet. I felt the need to consolidate and patch together the fragments of my online presence. Although grateful for all of the spaces I have been privileged to participate in to varying degrees of formality and commitment, I look forward to merging all my previous digital identities into that of graduate student and future scholar. I’m excited about a new space in which to explore, share research, connect, and participate meaningfully in the world wide web community.