Incentives and barriers to OER adoption: A qualitative analysis of faculty perceptions

Let me take an important second here to express my gratitude for my department. There are a few of us in the program who are interested in open education, and in OER specifically. After the proposal by a department alumnus who now teaches at the university, and the approval of our wonderful department chair, a class devoted entirely on OER research was added to our course selection! This meant a whole semester of structured and scheduled research culminating in an article submission. If this is not cool, I don’t know what is (okay, I know my definition of cool is a little bit skewed, but I stick by it).

I was put in contact with Jeff Seaman of the Babson Group, who conducted the 2014 study Opening the Curriculum. They had free response data that had not been analyzed and were generous enough to allow me to do so! To read all about the study and results, check out the article in the most recent issue of open praxis.

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